About Linda Rockwell

I live in Corrales, New Mexico. When I’m not taking photos I practice law in Albuquerque.

25 responses to “About Linda Rockwell

  1. Your pictures are fabulous. Love the blog too. It is easy to see your passion.

    • Thanks for your kind comments on my photos and blog. I’m fairly new to photography and very new to blogging, so I appreciate your encouragement.

  2. So glad to see this, Linda! You have a great talent for birding. Looking forward to many future posts!

  3. Thanks Will. Trying to get back to the birding blog. Couldn’t even pick up a camera for awhile, but I’m working on it. Appreciate your encouragement.

  4. I just stumbled across your blog. Nice photos. I live in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Long way from New Mexico. But I was thru there once and want to return for a longer visit. I am a birder and will be back from time to time to view your blog. Good work.

  5. Thank you for your kind comments. I’m very happy that you like the blog and the photos. My husband was from Southfield, MI, and I have driven across the Ambassador Bridge to southwest Ontario several times. Lovely part of the world. Love the fall color there!

  6. Mary Wood

    Hi Linda:
    Glad you and Eric were able to get away to Hawaii! It’s amazing, isn’t it? I want to see Kaua’i someday. =)
    Love your pictures! Enjoy the rest of your trip. Give our love to Eric!
    Mele Kalikimaka!
    Love – Mary, Dave, Greg & Tyler

    • Hi Mary,

      Eric and I have had a wonderful time, although it’s been difficult to do this without Earl, whom we both miss terribly. Still it was good for us to get totally away for everything and avoid the holiday issue entirely. Love to all of you. xoxox

  7. Chuck Nakell


    My wife and I (birder and bird photographer) are about to visit the Albuquerque area next week and were wondering if you could suggest some birding hotspots beyond Bosque that you enjoy?

    Thanks, Chuck

    • This is kind of a slow time of year. Winter residents have left and migration hasn’t really started. I like the Rio Grande Nature Center and Embudito Canyon. Rinconada Canyon at Petrogylph Nat. Mon. usually has some birds too. You might walk along the Corrales Bosque to see what’s there. It’s a nice walk.

  8. Christian Hagen


    Great photos– wondering if USDA could use one of these images for a display for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative. It would not be reproduced beyond that banner photo credit would be given on the banner.

    Let me know.

  9. sandy

    You have a very nice blog.

  10. Maryam Miller

    Hi Linda,

    I’ve been looking online, hoping to find some great photos of lesser prairie chickens for our upcoming newsletter, and stumbled across your blog. I love the photos! Would you be interested in sharing a few, which you’d be given full credit for? Our Director of Bird Conservation will be writing an article on the state of lesser prairie chickens and the current challenges they face – there are a lot!!!

    Thanks so much, and please just let me know.


  11. Hello Linda,

    I really love the picture of the flamingos you have taken – this one specifically: https://photofeathers.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/img_5288.jpg

    I was considering utilizing this source image for an album cover for my band. It’s not set in stone at the moment (I’m cycling though ideas as of right now), but I would love to get your permission to use the image with full credit to you for the picture, and can of course show you any test graphic designs if you’re interested to see how the picture is incorporated.

    Thanks for your time!

    – Michael

  12. Hi Linda,
    I would love to talk with you about the possibility of using some of your beautiful images of lesser prairie-chickens for public education communications. I’m hoping you can contact me by email.
    Best regards,
    Sandra Murphy

  13. Hello Linda, I have a quick question regarding a great blog you did a few years ago about birding in Kauai (on the “Birding is Fun” site): I just wanted to check that you saw all of these great birds in Kauai in December. -Pierre

  14. Dear Ms. Rockwell – We are seeking photo submissions for the Albuquerque Bernalillo Water Utility Authority 2016 Calendar which will have a “Birds of the Bosque” theme. Please contact me at 245-3134 or pattiw@cwastrategic.com if you are interested. Deadline is Sept. 15, 2015.

  15. Hi Linda,
    I love your photos, and was especially excited to find a beautiful picture of a scrub jay in flight. I am starting a writing blog to promote a novel I’ve written (and am trying to get published), and I would be so grateful to use your photo on my page. Scrub jays visited me most days as I was composing the novel, and I am planning to publish the book as Hannah Jay Pierce to celebrate them. I’m discovering that they’re much maligned birds!
    Hannah Jay Pierce

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