A Popular Place for Finches

I have a finch feeder hanging outside of my living room windows. It is not an expensive feeder, and I have to replace it fairly often. The finches love it, especially in snowy weather.

Corrales birds, New Mexico birds, New Mexico bird photography.

Corrales birds, New Mexico birds, New Mexico bird photography.

Corrales birds, New Mexico birds, New Mexico bird photography.

You will note that I have taken these photos through a somewhat dirty window. It’s too cold to go outside and set up the blind. The weather station says 20 degrees F. outside.

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20 responses to “A Popular Place for Finches

  1. Holy cow, that’s quite a feeding station!

  2. Hey, that’s a pretty cool feeder, Linda. It certainly looks like it is a very popular place. All the ‘rooms’ are taken. 🙂

  3. What a fabulous sight! I have never seen so many finches at one feeder before. I might have to look into purchasing such a feeder. I think I could sit at that window and watch those beautiful finches all day long. Great post, as always!

    • Thanks Julie. I can sit on my couch in the living room and watch the finches feeding busily. It’s much more fun than watching television! I got my feeder at The Fat Finch. They have an online store. . .

  4. This feeder is awesome! What a sight.

    • That’s by far my favorite finch feeder. I have it right outside my living room window so I can sit on the couch and watch the birds. It’s such fun to watch them!

  5. Everyone’s already said it, but what a cool feeder! I’d consider myself darn lucky to book a room at that Finch Hotel during the winter.

  6. The Fat Finch loves this feeder. It’s like watching a little birdie condo. I have to say though, I wish the manufacturer did a better job on the plastic tubes. They tend to get brown in our hot New Mexico sun, but it’s totally worth replacing every other year or so, just to watch the goldfinches eating out of it!

  7. cindy

    Well now, what a flock..but Linda..20F is NOT too cold to set the blind 😀

  8. I needed a feeder like that at my old place!!

  9. Lisa

    Beautiful photos!

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