Crested Caracara

I am in Harlingen, Texas for the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. It’s a wonderful event. The birding is fabulous, the area is uncrowded and the festival organizers are incredibly hospitable and helpful. If you have not attended this event you should definitely put it on your list. I will do some extensive blog posts when I return to New Mexico. For now I will do a few short posts featuring a few birds that I have seen. Today as I was driving back to San Benito, where I am staying, from Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge I saw two Crested Caracara flying over a field. One flew right by my rental car …

Crested Caracara near Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, Texas.

Crested Caracara

… followed quickly by another Crested Caracara.

Crested Caracara near Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, Texas.

Another Crested Caracara

The two birds engaged in a brief skirmish over the field …

Crested Caracara skirmish near Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, Texas.

Crested Caracara skirmish.

… and then disappeared from view. I can’t wait to see more birds today!

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25 responses to “Crested Caracara

  1. You lucky gal. I am jealous. I just have to get down there someday. 🙂 Great pictures, Linda.

    • You really most come down here for the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival Bob. It’s a wonderfully well-organized event, and the birding is just too good for words! Hope you make it a priority for next year. See you there!! 🙂

  2. Cindy

    So glad it is a great event! I am jealous.. love the Crested Caracara..great shots!

    • It’s an incredibly fun event–I’m having a fabulous time!! Wish you were here too. Maybe next year? Thanks for the nice comments on the Crested Caracara. Wonderful to see them!!

  3. Great shots of a beautiful bird!!

  4. Fantastic Linda, I have wanted to see one since I saw it’s picture in the field guide. I should try to make it next year to the festival.

    • You definitely should come down here for this one! You should have seen me brake for these birds. Tires were almost smoking, grabbed my camera and got those shots through the passenger window. Didn’t even put the car in park, much less turn it off. Amazingly exciting!

  5. How exciting! I have never seen one of these birds before. How wonderful to view them on our blog. Great images! Have a wonderful time at the birding festival. Hope you see lots of glorious feathered beauties. Looking forward to future posts!

    • Thanks Julie. It was just amazing to see the two of them fly by my rental car. I’m having a marvelous time seeing all kinds of fabulous birds! I’ll do some more extensive posts when I get home. Wish I could stay longer. The days are going too quickly!!

  6. Kay

    Great shots of the caracaras! I’m glad you are enjoying the birds of the valley. It was nice meeting you at registration yesterday.

    • I’m having a wonderful time. The birds and the people here are absolutely fantastic. I had planned to stay for six days, and it’s not enough. This is a truly excellent festival. Kudos to you all!! 🙂

  7. Love Laguna Atascosa. Saw incredible numbers of birds when I went there. Hope you get to see some Aplomados as well!

  8. Wonderful shots Linda! The unexpected ones are the best, aren’t they? So happy that you are having such a great time 🙂

  9. Ooh, I’m so jello! Fantastic captures of a super bird, Linda. Would love to add this bird to my own life list. Glad you’re having fun and I hope I can attend next year.

  10. Linda,

    It was nice meeting you this week. Hope you saw ALOT of good birds at the festival. I’m sure you did. I think it was a great festival. Well-organized. Well-led. The tour leaders were very good and concerned that each and every one on the tours got to see all the birds that were being seen. I’ve gone up to Rockport to see some Whoopers. We fly back to Ontario (Canada) on Wednesday.

    • It was an unexpected pleasure meeting you too. I saw lots of great birds, and I know you did too. Are you planning to attend next year? I know I am! I’d love to see the whoopers. Haven’t seen them since they were at Bosque del Apache. It would be wonderful to see them again!

  11. Nice catch, Linda. Neat birds. Make sure you look in the rear view mirror before you slam on those brakes 😉

  12. Amazing and fabulous reflex you showed! Appreciate so much seeing birds I have never seen and shown so well and secondly, never knew existed.

    • Thanks Laura. I’m usually just a little too slow, but this one time I got it right! There are great birds in South Texas. I highly recommend the RGVBF. It’s unfortunate that it comes right during the school year, but if you ever want to go during your winter break I can give you all the information you need!

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