Gambel’s Quail Chicks in Corrales

Every year I await the arrival of Gambel’s Quail chicks with a great deal of anticipation. The problem with photographing quail chicks is that they run very fast, and they hide very well. I was fortunate to see a quail family running across the road late last week when I was on my way to work.

Please note that the photos in this post are not very sharp as I stayed well away from the quail to keep from alarming the parents and frightening the chicks.

Gambel's Quail chicks

Not a very clear photo, but I counted 21 chicks crossing the road. That's a lot for one brood!

Dad Quail stood watch from a Four-wing Saltbush while Mom Quail led the chicks across the road.

Dad Gambel's Quail stands watch as the chicks cross the road.

Gambel's Quail

Using my vehicle as a blind, I watched the chicks as they scurried for cover after crossing the road.

Gambel's Quail chicks

Gambel's Quail chicks scurry for cover after crossing the road.

Gambel's Quail chicks

More Gambel's Quail chicks seek cover in the Three-leaf Sumac.

All of the chicks crossed the road, and Mom Gambel’s Quail herded the last of the chicks to safety.

Gambel's Quail Mom and chicks

Mom Gambel's Quail herds the last of the chicks to safety.

I tried to get a close-up photo of one of the chicks. This slightly fuzzy photo of a fuzzy quail chick was the best that I could manage:

Gambel's Quail chick, fuzzy close-up.

On Sunday I was excited to see that an entire Gambel’s Quail family had stopped for lunch in my garden. I do not know if it was the same family, but it was a very large family. Dad Quail watched while Mom quail and the chicks ate …

Gambel's Quail adults and chicks

Dad Gambel's Quail watches while Mom Quail and the chicks eat lunch.

… then Mom Quail watched while Dad Quail ate and the chicks continued to eat.

Gambel's Quail mom and chicks

Mom Quail watches while Dad Quail and the chicks eat.

Everyone took a final bite or two, and the quail family prepared to leave.

Gambel's Quail adults and chicks

The quail family prepares to leave.

The family left along the garden wall, which we call the “Quail Highway.”

Gambel's Quail chicks

Adios! Hasta la vista. . .

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One response to “Gambel’s Quail Chicks in Corrales

  1. Cammy

    We woke up to find a new family of baby quail in our yard. We live in an area that is between Corrales and Intel off of Mockingbird. My question to you, if you would please answer, is what do we need to be feeding them? I have a very cute picture of the new family.

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