Wordless Wednesday-Wings on Wednesday







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18 responses to “Wordless Wednesday-Wings on Wednesday

  1. Scott

    The old “broken wing” ploy? 🙂

  2. Great captures Linda! I have never been able to photograph the “broken wing” ploy.

  3. Lisa

    Great photos Linda…..is the ‘broken wing’ something they do often?

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone. Yes, it’s the “broken wing” ploy. These Killdeer had tiny chicks running around. They were adorable, but they stayed in the tall grass and I couldn’t get good photos of them. The parents would cry piteously and run desperately away from the chicks, pretending to have a broken wing. This is typical Killdeer behavior Lisa. 🙂

  5. Dawn Fine

    Great photos of the Good parents.

  6. Andrew Baksh

    Oh my shorebird posts from my 2 favorite tweeps. Love the Killdeer shots, especially the “broken wing” display 🙂

  7. Glorious images of a very protective parent! I’ve only seen the “broken wing” display once and it was quite impressive. I bet it was fun seeing the cute little ones. Wonderful post, as always!

  8. Superb shots…I always love the broken wing ruse….. amazing how often it works! Thanks for sharing more of your fine work!

  9. Thanks Julie and John. These good parents were very protective of their itty bitty chicks. It was fun to watch them!

  10. I love the Killdeer chicks. I saw and photographed some along a wetland area, and they looked like cotton-balls with huge eye. (and long legs).

  11. I think the chicks are absolutely adorable. I got some photos of them, but my photos aren’t as sharp as I’d like. They’re adorable little things!

  12. Wonderful series Linda! Look forward to seeing the sweet chicks 🙂

  13. Kerry

    These guys are so cool with that pitched call and running around like they are half dead. Drive my dogs nuts. Hard to get pictures of here they get real busy.

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