Battle on the Lek–Escalation and Aftermath

When last we left our Lesser Prairie Chickens in Milnesand, NM they were engaged in a fierce struggle on on the lek. In this slide show, the battle escalates, one male dominates and another is chased from the lek.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The dominant male gets to mate, briefly, with the female as the other males try to push him away.

There is a hen under there somewhere

As we bid a fond farewell to Milnesand, NM, the Milnesand Prairie Preserve and the Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival it is appropriate to thank the wonderful folks in Milnesand, who provided us with education, entertainment, transportation and excellent food and made us feel welcome. It was an excellent festival and a wonderful community. I will do as the prairie chickens do and melt into the landscape.

When they are not displaying they are really quite inconspicuous

Until next year!

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3 responses to “Battle on the Lek–Escalation and Aftermath

  1. I really like the slide show! The progression of images in the show help to create the illusion of motion even though each image in itself illustrates how active these wonderful birds are in their mating rituals. A very nicely done documentation of the event and great photo captures!

    • Thanks Dusty! I’ve been using slide shows on my blog for the last couple of weeks so that they’re not just one long series of photos. Nice to have some feedback on the slide show feature. 🙂

  2. Love this post! Such Beautiful photos/slideshow.

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