Battle on the Lek–The Battle

Photograpy conditions on the second day of the Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival in Milnesand, NM were much better than they were on the first day. I had a superb view of the lek from my blind, and I enjoyed watching the prairie chickens in their mating display. I was particularly happy to be able to see the hens clearly, which I had not been able to do at the Shinnery Oak lek. A highlight of day two was watching the males challenge each other for supremacy on the lek. I took quite a few photos. Here is a slide show of some of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is a short video of Lesser Prairie Chickens displaying and challenging each other on the lek. Click 720p for HD video. Best watched in full screen mode.

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4 responses to “Battle on the Lek–The Battle

  1. Wow! Beautiful photos! Awesome video, Linda!

  2. EXCELLENT~ I’m so happy you started this blog!!

  3. Awesome shots of of the Prairie Chickens, Linda. I’ll put a link to your blog on my website.:)

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