Battle on the Lek–a Prologue

A lovely hen

The behavior of the Lesser Prairie Chickens on the Lek is textbook lekking behavior, involving competing males and selecting females. It was fascinating to watch these birds, and I was fortunate to be able to do it.
She appears to be ignoring him

The process begins as competing males dance and display for selecting females.The males cackle and boom and stamp their feet on the ground. The females appear to be unimpressed. The males begin to challenge each other on the lek.

A photo slide show showing challenges on the lek:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next post: The challenges escalate into battles.

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10 responses to “Battle on the Lek–a Prologue

  1. Excellent post Linda!! Looks like the males are “bowing” to the females ~ I LOVE that 😉

  2. Nice Blog Linda! Your pictures are amazing. I have an especially soft spot for the prairie chickens. We need more male competing/female selecting behavior in this world.

  3. Fabulous footage! What an awesome experience.

  4. I love your new blog. A very exciting blog post showing the breeding dance of the Prairie Chicken. A fantastic series of shots and explanation of their behaviors. I look forward to more of your photo adventures in New Mexico.

  5. Linda ~ I love your blog! Great picutres and slideshow! Cathy

  6. Superb series Linda
    And a great website too, I will link to my blog so I can follow easy

  7. Great series of photos! Thanks for sharing the experience.

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